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Calm waves by mathilly Calm waves :iconmathilly:mathilly 3 5 A gentleman and a pirate by mathilly A gentleman and a pirate :iconmathilly:mathilly 3 0 A gentle Pirate by mathilly A gentle Pirate :iconmathilly:mathilly 2 0 I will keep you safe by mathilly I will keep you safe :iconmathilly:mathilly 2 0
Before Autumn - Chapter 3
Before Autumn
Pairing: England x China
An: Written for the fantasy iggychu contest on DA.
Chapter 3
Staring up at the ceiling, the Briton lied wondering on his back in still the same hospital bed he had been lying in for close four days. He was lost in thoughts...or rather memories. He was lost in the past. He was thinking of things that had happened. He was reliving his life inside his head over and over again. He was wondering if he had lived a good life. Had he live a happy life? Had he been truely happy? Was his life worth dying for right now?
Arthur came from a family with two brothers. There was an age difference of at least six years between the youngest; Aidan and Arthur. When Arthur was born, his parents turned their attention from mentioned brothers; Lochlan and Aidan to Arthur. The boy became the center of attention. This caused, as you probably would have guessed, jealousy among his older brothers. Over the years Arthur became their parents' favourite. Their attention grew
:iconmathilly:mathilly 12 14
Before Autumn - Chapter two
Before Autumn
Pairing: England x China
Authors note: Written for the fantasy iggychu contest.
Rating: T (just to be safe)
Chapter two
"To die?" Arthur asked after a few moments of silence. Yao titled his head slightly. "Perhaps…" he glanced over at him. He was curious what the man would answer. This was a writer who was great with words, so expectations were high, you could say. "No, I am not." At least he didn't think he was. Dying seemed easy. It would just come at you and put you to silence. You didn't have to do anything yourself. It seemed peaceful as well.
Though the question caused him to think. He hadn't really thought of dying or what happens when you have died. He was a Christian, who liked to believe in heaven. He never really worried about where he would go after passing away. "But I am afraid of something else." Yao looked at him directly now. He waited for Arthur to go on. He had the time of the world after all.
"I am afraid I won't be remembered." He spoke softly. A
:iconmathilly:mathilly 11 13
Before Autumn - Chapter one
Before Autumn
Pairing: England x China
An: Written for the fantasy iggychu contest on DA.
Chapter 1
He looked out the window with lifeless eyes. The doctor wondered if he had even heard him. "Mr. Kirkland?" the man turned to him. "Well, I have lived a great life, didn't I?" he replied with a bitter smile. The doctor gave him a firm nod. Only the man himself would know the answer to that. He didn't know what to reply to him. He eventually left the room, but the man didn't seem to notice.
He had looked at the doctor hopeful, right before he brought the bad news. He never thought his life would end this soon. He gathered the cards and fan letters with a soft sigh. This man is Arthur Kirkland, a famous writer. His fans had been sending him cards and letters in hope he would get better.  You see, he had just started on the last novel in his latest series. Everyone was looking forward to read it. Little did they know it would be the last thing their beloved writer would write.
He r
:iconmathilly:mathilly 27 6
Memories of the sand by mathilly Memories of the sand :iconmathilly:mathilly 0 0
Waving goodbye
I'm waving you goodbye,
While my tears start to fall,
You let go of my hand.
It's time for me to go,
To go my own way,
A way to a bright future, you say
You start to cry,
When I look back,
And say goodbye
Then I walk away,
And leave you behind
Yeah, a goodbye, was all left to say.
:iconmathilly:mathilly 2 2
They looked confused.... by mathilly They looked confused.... :iconmathilly:mathilly 0 0
Torn up love
Torn up love letter
Pieces of paper fall on the ground
The wind picks them up
And let them fly around
Words a ripped apart
And sentences are broken
Not even the "I love you" stays in tact.
This was a letter written from the heart
But now, just like their love.
It is torn apart.
:iconmathilly:mathilly 0 2
The final battle
The final battle
Standing with his sword held high
Tonight, a final battle,
He's prepared to fight.
Determinded he stands.
Once insecure, but now strong.
First a boy, now a man.
Swearing to protect,
Promising to win,
And save them.
His armor shines in the moonlight
His sword shows his reflection
In the dark stands the knight.
With one last scream,
He joins the rest on the battlefield,
It dissapears in the overwhelming noise.
In a glimpse, he's gone,
Somewhere he's fighting,
Fighting for his country,
Fighting to save and protect.
:iconmathilly:mathilly 0 0
Keeper of darkness
Keeper of darkness
Blinded in the dark
I'm lost.
But it's okay
He knows the way
Following the footsteps
Listening to his voice
The things he whispers
He holds out the lantern for me
He tells me that's the way.
He's an angel, he has to be.
But then he left,
Without a sound,
Gone in darkness.
Alone again, but not lost
I hold out the lantern
As I wander.
My way back,
On the path he brought me to.
Before I leave these woods,
I look back,
Hoping to catch a glimpse of him once again,
As I whisper him my thanks.
:iconmathilly:mathilly 0 0
The end of the horizon
The end of the Horizon
At the end of today
he's looking at the sky
Watching the sun go down
Disappearing at the horizon
Skies colored orange
And the night about to fall.
He walks down the beach,
Towards the sea he's trying to reach.
He counts the steps that he takes
As he walks to the sea.
He watches the sun go down
as he walks there alone.
He sets foot in the sea
It's ice cold
but he walks on
to the end of the horizon.
Just like the sun,
He went down
and disappeared at the horizon.
Although he won't return.
:iconmathilly:mathilly 0 0
Snow Disappearance
Snow Dissappearance
Faced down in the snow,
The teardrops are frozen,
She tries to get up,
But all she wants is to let go.
Looking at the sky,
She watches the snow fall,
Covering her trace,
Covering it all.
Her skin so white,
Her lips are blue,
Just like her eyes,
And the sky she looks up to.
She watches her breath rise
She desperately reaches out,
She needs to be saved,
With the last breath
She whispers her final words,
The last three,
Don't forget me.
Her breath fades away,
Her heartbeat fell into silence,
And she disappears,
As the snow covers her steps.
:iconmathilly:mathilly 0 0
Hong Kong by mathilly Hong Kong :iconmathilly:mathilly 4 9

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I'm just a 21 year old girl, who cosplays and likes to write and draw even she's not that good at it.


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